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DESIGN WEEK TANGO 2021 – An event to open the technology and appeal of Tango as production areas

Experiencing the new possibilities of Kyoto’s traditional production area

Tango, located at the northern tip of Kyoto Prefecture, is an area rich in nature, surrounded by the sea and mountains. It is one of the leading silk production areas in Asia. 70% of Japan’s kimono are made from fabrics produced in Tango. In addition to textiles, Tango has a long history of world-class “monozukuri,” or manufacturing, in the fields of machinery and metals as well as in agriculture. Over the centuries, profound experience, knowledge and skills have been passed on to the present generation.

In 2021, DESIGN WEEK TANGO will be held for the first time with the concept of “Tango’s manufacturing for the next 100 years.” DESIGN WEEK TANGO will offer a number of opportunities: for a wide variety of people to meet and interact through a range of events, such as “OPEN HOUSE,” which will open up various manufacturing sites, to generate new ideas and inspiration for the future of Tango. DESIGN WEEK TANGO aims to give rise to a multitude of new concepts and inventiveness that will lay the foundation for the future of Tango.

At DESIGN WEEK TANGO 2021, you will be able to meet manufacturers of various materials and products besidesTango chirimen.  For more details, please visit the official website.

Explore and exploit the special qualities of Tango chirimen

FabCafe Kyoto will also hold a presentation on the Material-Hack workshop conducted online on June 23.

In this online presentation, we will present the experiments and prototypes from the “Hacking the Known” workshop, which has been attempting to visualize the new possibilities of the material by “hacking” the silk and polyester textile “Tango Chirimen”, which has been uniquely developed in the Tango region of Kyoto.

◎ For more information about the “Hacking the Known” workshop, please see here. (*Registration for the workshop has already closed.)