Basic policy

MTRL (hereinafter referred to as the “the Service”.) is a web site and co-working space operated by Loftwork Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Upon use of the Service, all personal information provided for business use will be handled with great care and the internal regulations stipulated for laws in relation to and the protection of personal information will be strictly adhered to.

Extent of Applicability

Personal information obtained from users by the Company (be it information regarding an individual, information related to identity, address, phone number, email address, place of employment, date of birth, or any other information by which a particular individual can be identified) will be handled in accordance with the Company’s privacy policy. The Company’s privacy policy applies within the Service. The Company’s privacy policy does not apply to user sites linked from the Service.

Furthermore, when a user uses the online payment system operated by PayPal Pte, Ltd. or the website, which is co-operated by Int’l Sales, Inc. and Amazon Services International, Inc., the user’s personal information obtained by the above-mentioned companies will be handled in accordance with each company’s own privacy policy.

Handling of personal information

When an individual registers as a member for our service, we obtain their personal information. This personal information will be used only for the purpose of delivering our services; it will not be disclosed to third parties unless permitted by law or can be reasonably expected from the use our service. Personal information will be used for the following purposes: to reply to members who contacted us using our service, to provide information regarding our events and services, to analyze the status of the site’s users and to gather statistics in order to improve our service. The users of our service may choose to publish some of their personal information. In that case, the personal information that has been published falls under the responsibility of the user and this Privacy Policy no longer applies.

Request for disclosure of personal information.

The company has the right to be able to disclose information about user only in the following cases. 1. If disclosure is requested by the court, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the police, the bar association or an institution that conforms to the above 2. If disclosure is required on the basis of other laws and regulations 3. If it is necessary to protect the property, rights, physical or business safety of a user or a third party, or to protect the public interest, in case it is difficult to obtain the consent of said person 4. In case there is a need to cooperate with an institution of the country, a local government or a delegated person carry out their office to the provisions of the law, and by obtaining the consent of the person, it is likely to inhibit the performance of the office 5. In case it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of the sound upbringing of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.

Handling of the access log.

We record the access log of our websites. The content that is recorded is the access time, host name, address, referrer (the page from where it has been linked), and the agent (browser type, version, etc.). This information is collected to help in case of server failure and for customer support, also it is used to gather statistics in order to improve our service; it is not used for the purposes of identifying individuals. In addition, the information will not be disclosed to a third party unless allowed by law.

Handling of cookies.

The websites included in our services issue cookies. By storing information selected by the user of this service in the cookies, we aim to enhance the convenience of the site.

Introduction of communication encryption.

Within our service, on the pages that deal with personal information of the user (member registration event application) we have introduced the encryption of communication by SSL.

Inquiries and complaints.

Direct them to Loftwork Inc. MTRL (Material) e-mail: kyoto.mtrl[at]

Changes to the Privacy Policy.

Our company will change this Privacy Policy if deemed necessary.