MTRL for Business

TRY MTRL Program

A program to spur open innovation with materials

Please provide information on the characteristics/functions of the material together with a sample of the material.

The many designers and engineers who visit “FabCafe” and “MTRL,” which have opened in more that 10 locations around the world, draw out the potential of materials.

Free Plan

Free starter plan

Price: 0 yen

  • Publish information about the material on the MTRL website
  • Introduction in“MTRL Meetup” (a social event themed on materials)
  • Promote the discovery of new aspects of the material through the production of prototypes and the provision of matching opportunities for materials and creators through sample distribution in MTRL in Japan

List of materials
Report on past “MTRL Meetup”

* Sample size is limited
* Please provide six or more samples
* Please pay sample and shipping costs

Basic Plan

A basic plan that seeks continuous open innovation

Price 1 million yen (initial cost) + 100,000 yen/month (fee for information publication and activity)

  • Production of material samples “TRY Material Kit” for creators and companies Selection of “TRY Material Kit” users, continuous supply management
  • Continuous communication at MTRL and FabCafe to support the realization of innovation
  • Intellectual property contract for provision of materials
  • Editing and multilingual support of information posted for users
  • Opportunity to talk at MTRL Meetup

Advanced Plan

A plan to accelerate innovation by making the utmost of the material’s appeal

Price 2.4 million yen (initial cost) + 150,000 yen/month (fee for information publication and activity)

  • Production of “DesignWork”, a product made by a creator utilizing the material
  • Production of higher-quality “TRY Material Kit”
  • The verbalization of the characteristics of the material through a mini-workshop on design thinking
  • Individual contract concerning intellectual property about the provision of materials
  •  Sample distribution at FabCafe and MTRL, which have opened in more than 10 locations worldwide

* Also includes Basic Plan content

Enterprise Plan

A plan to produce business results in a short time through collaboration with top creators

Price 3.6 million yen (initial cost) + 200,000 yen/month (fee for information publication and activity)

  • Selection of creator for collaboration
  • Formation of working group and provision of output
  • Meet-ups and workshops held at multiple locations, including overseas
  • Intellectual property contract management with a lawyer
  • Selection of material users
  • Reporting on status of sample usage

* Also includes Advanced Plan content

Consulting Plan

A plan that proposes an optimal plan via individual consulting.

Price: From 6 million yen

Makathon based on the material, global hackathon, awards, support for exhibiting in overseas exhibitions, website production, movie production, idea-building training camp, etc. This plan supports projects from a new point of view that take the material as its starting point.

* Please inquire for details

detail 01. Basic Plan

TRY Material Kit

For materials to be used in new fields and applications and to create new value, new users must actually experience them. The TRY Material Kit has been designed on the theme of “samples of materials that intelligent young creators would want to try.” MTRL sells this kit to the right users, supporting the discovery of new potential for the materials. Information gained from users at the time of sale also makes possible the collection of feedback and promotional activities in line with your goals.

detail 02. Advanced Plan


“DesignWork” is work created by creators which demonstrates how to make use of the material’s distinctive characteristics and appeal. DesignWork is created aiming for appealing expression as a single “product.” In addition to being sold at FabCafe, MTRL, and online, DesignWork can also be used as a symbolic sales tool for your company.