About MTRL Events

I cannot make it to the event I signed up for. How can I cancel?

There’s no need to call or email to let us know. Simply log in to the event page and click on the “Cancel” button. We don’t send out a cancellation confirmation email. To make sure you have canceled successfully, please check if your user icon is removed from the list of participants.

How can I confirm that I’m signed up for an event?

Go to the event page and check the “Join” button. If it says “Signed Up,” you are successfully signed up. We don’t send out a sign-up confirmation email. To make sure you are signed up, please check if your user icon is on the list of participants.

About MTRL Web Membership

How can cancel my membership?

You can start the cancellation process by logging in to your My Page and clicking on the “Cancel Membership” button.

Using Space and Services at FabCafe Kyoto

For questions about using the cafe, services, and tools at FabCafe Kyoto, please check the FAQ page of FabCafe Kyoto.

Using Space and Services at FabCafe MTRL (Tokyo)

Is it possible to rent a part or all of the space at FabCafe MTRL?

Yes, you can rent a part or all of both FabCafe on the 1st floor and MTRL Space on the 2nd floor, according to how much space you need for your event/project. Please check Spaces for Rent and Party Plans at FabCafe Tokyo for more detailed information.

Or feel free to contact us to learn more at fabcafe.mtrl@loftwork.com

How can I subscribe for monthly membership at the FabCafe MTRL coworking space?

Please inquire about monthly membership for the FabCafe MTRL coworking space at fabcafe.mtrl@loftwork.com

We will decide whether it is appropriate to offer monthly membership considering each candidate’s purpose, conditions, and cultural compatibility with us. If we feel that we may not be a good match, we might decline your request. Once you are subscribed, you will receive a monthly membership card, which you can show when you pay for FabCafe Tokyo services.

You don’t need a personal seal, or “inkan,” for subscription.

Is it possible to subscribe for monthly membership as a group or share one membership with others?

Each person needs to subscribe for an individual membership. Please inquire about group and business membership plans at fabcafe.mtrl@loftwork.com

Are all the materials at FabCafe MTRL free?

Yes, you can use any of the materials at FabCafe MTRL for free. Please check the instructions for each material before you use it. Use of the materials are only allowed inside FabCafe MTRL. Please do not take any out of the facility.

What equipment do you have at FabCafe MTRL?

We have power outlets, 80-inch displays, large-format printers (for extra fees), whiteboards, and a wide range of fabrication tools. All the equipment is available to use inside the facility only.

*Digital fabrication tools such as laser cutters, UV printers, and TapeCreators are available at FabCafe on the 1st floor.