Innovation platform
for materials and creators.

MTRL is a global platform that supports co-creation by creators and the manufacturers of various materials, giving birth to innovation. We work with a range of materials, from common materials such as wood, metal, and cloth, to traditional craft materials and cutting-edge technology fitted with sensors and modules.

What all this has in common is the potential that these materials hold for being the source of innovation; also, that these are unique materials that pique the curiosity of creators.

We do more than just spread information around the globe through our website. Through our shops and labs where people can touch samples of materials, shop, or process materials on the spot, and by organizing events such as Meetups and hackathons themed on the materials, we support new encounters between materials manufacturers and creators, together with the innovation that arises from this.


Information on materials registered with MTRL can be viewed free of charge by anyone. Many of the unique materials that we have collected from around the world are displayed in MTRL stores or sold as samples. If you find a material that you are interested in, please visit the store and touch it directly.
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Get direct feedback on materials and ideas, ask the materials manufacturers about expert know-how, and meet creators from different fields. MTRL runs community activities such as events and study sessions related to materials.
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Trial production

Innovative ideas are not born from just seeing, knowing, or learning. It is important to trial produce a material that you are interested in. At our MTRL stores, in addition to providing various tools for prototyping, we also provide an arena for trial production through workshops and hackathons.
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Projects born from MTRL

MTRL has collaborated with organizations that have unique materials, such as companies, research institutes, and local governments, and has supported development of new applications for many materials, product development, and
branding for new markets. You can see new ideas that have come into being from the encounter between materials and creators who are seeking new expression.

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Community activities

All sorts of different community activities take place at each FabCafe store that has MTRL, everything from hobby activities to side projects by professionals.


@FabCafe Tokyo
In anticipation of the future in which physical sensations and information are networked, this is an activity that takes on the challenge of the fusion of the design field and research into things tactile, which connects the world and people through the body.
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@FabCafe Tokyo
An art and science community that brings together people from different fields with an interest in biotechnology, including researchers, creators, companies, hobbyists, and the like, to bring a new perspective into being.
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Olfactory Design Lab

@FabCafe Tokyo
A community to consider “designing the sense of smell,” an unexplored field in design. It rolls out projects such as workshops in collaboration with olfactory artists.
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About us

We, MTRL, are members of the creative company Loftwork Inc. Loftwork works with multidisciplinary design through open collaboration and carries out co-creative projects with companies and governments, also running FabCafe, a creative space equipped with laser cutters, 3D printers, and the like.


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