User Agreement

These Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) are intended to define the condition of use of the services (hereinafter referred to as the “web services”) provided by Loftwork Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) on the website ( . Users and registered members (hereinafter referred to as members) will use this service in accordance with this Agreement.


This agreement shall be applied to any of the relationships involved in the use of the web service between the users or members and the Company.
This Agreement is different from the terms of use for the members of the stores (hereinafter, the store services) for the creative lounge MTRL KYOTO (Material Kyoto), and the “hacker space” FabCafe MTRL (FabCafe Material Shibuya).

Member Registration

Users who wish to register as members can do so according to the method established by the Company.

The Company may void registration even after it has been completed if they determine that any of the grounds below can be applied, and assumes no duty to disclose its reason.

(1) If one claims false information when applying for member registration
(2) If it is an application from a person who has already violated this Agreement
(3) If the company has otherwise determined the member registration to be inappropriate

By registering as a member, you can

1. Receive the MTRL newsletter
2. Register for events held at MTRL KYOTO / FabCafe MTRL
3. Enjoy optional services in stores

It should be noted that browsing the MTRL web sites is available to all users, not only to members.

Regarding receiving e-mail

  • The Company will send “MTRL Newsletters” to the registered e-mail address of the members with information regarding the web service, store services and the Company.
  • Members who do not wish to receive the “MTRL Newsletters” can change their settings for receiving emails by going to “Edit Profile” on the members page (
  • This does not apply to urgent or very important announcements or matters that the Company has determined to be of high importance to the members.

Management of members’ registered e-mail address and password

  • Members shall manage at their own risk their e-mail address and password registered on this web service (below, e-mail address).
  • Members are not able to transfer or lend their email address and password to a third party in any case.
  • When there is a login with a combination of an e-mail address and password that matches the registered information, we will assume that it is used by the user themselves who has registered that email address.

Linking of external web services

It is possible to register as a member and log in to our service with authentication from an external service by connecting an external web service account to our service.

Usage fee

  • The use of our web services is free of charge. (There is a fee for the service in MTRL KYOTO and FabCafe MTRL stores)
  • In the event that the Company is seeking monetary compensation for the use of the web service, they shall give prior notice to the user and obtain their consent.

Prohibited actions

When using the web service, users and members are prohibited to do the following acts:

(1) Actions that violate the law or public order and morality
(2) Actions that relate to criminal activity
(3) Actions that destroy or interfere with our server or network functions
(4) Actions that may interrupt the operation of our services
(5) Collecting or storing the personal information of other users.
(6) Impersonating other users
(7) Actions relating to our services that directly or indirectly benefit organized crime
(8) Any other actions that the Company deems inappropriate

Cancellation of member registration (unsubscribe)

  • If a member wants cancel their member registration, they can do so using the unsubscribe button on the members page (
  • If you unsubscribe or cancel your member registration, your registration for any events will also be deleted.

Limitations of use and cancellation of member registration

In the following cases, the Company may limit the use of this web service as a whole or in part, without prior notice to the members, or they may cancel the registration of a member.

(1) In the event of a violation of any provision of this Agreement
(2) In the event that false information is found in the registration information
(3) Any other cases where the Company has determined that the use of the web service was not appropriate

The Company does not take any responsibility for damages caused to members by acts of the Company detailed in this section.

Suspension of the web service

The Company shall be able to suspend or interrupt all or part of the web service without prior notice to users and members in any of the cases below.

(1) When performing maintenance or update of a computer system related to this web service
(2) If the provision of the web service has become difficult on the occurrence of any event of force majeure such as an earthquake, lightning, fire, power outage, or a natural disaster.
(3) If the computer or communication line, etc. is stopped due to an accident
(4) In any other case when the Company determines there is difficulty in providing this web service

The Company will not assume any responsibility, for any reason, for any disadvantage or damage suffered by a user, member or a third party due to the suspension or interruption of the web service.


  • The Company shall be exempt of obligation if it is not due to the Company’s willful or gross negligence.
  • The Company does not take any responsibility regarding any transactions, contracts or disputes that occurred between users or third parties regarding the present web services.
  • The Company will not take any responsibility for any damage caused by addition of contents to this web service, changes, suspension or interruption in the web service. It also applies in cases of failure of providing the web service, such as the lowering of display speed due to excessive access or other unexpected factors.

Rights of the Company

The Company owns the intellectual property rights to the information that is included in this site and all intellectual property related to this web service and software.

Changes in the contents of this web service

The Company may change the contents of this web service or add, change, interrupt or suspend the provision of this web service without notifying the user and the members; it assumes no responsibility for the damages this may have caused the user.

Changes to this Agreement

  • The Company shall be able to modify these terms at any time when it is determined necessary, without notifying the users and members beforehand.
  • In case the terms of this Agreement are changed, the Company will notify the users and members and inform them of the contents of the change and their effective date.
  • The terms after the change shall take effect from the time that they are displayed on this site, unless the Company specifies otherwise.
  • When using this web service after the effective date of the changes, users and members will be deemed to have agreed to all the information displayed concerning usage after the change in terms.

Notification or contact

Notification or communication between the user members and the Company will be conducted by posting a notice on the web site, by posting a notification on the Company’s Facebook page, or by email addressed to the user’s registered email address.

Prohibition of the transfer of rights and obligations

Members can not transfer their rights or obligations based on their position in the service contract or this Agreement to a third party or offer them as collateral without the Company’s prior consent.

Handling of personal information

The “Privacy Policy” shall apply to the handling of personal information on this current site.

Contacting the Company

If you need to contact the Company regarding this Agreement or other related topics, please contact them using the method described on the “Contact” page.

Applicable Law / Jurisdiction

  • In the interpretation of this Agreement, Japanese law shall be deemed as the governing law.
  • In the case of a dispute with respect to the present service, exclusive jurisdiction shall belong to the court that has jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office.