Stainless Mesh

A transparent metallic cloth woven from ultra-fine stainless steel. It has unique properties in terms of functionality, such as electrical conductivity and non-inflammability.

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Stainless mesh expresses itself differently depending on the fineness of the thread, the density of the weave, and the type of weaving. It is the product of Asada Mesh, a company that once manufactured Kawachi cotton but is now applying its advanced textile technology to modern times.

Stainless mesh was originally used for screen printing and sieves.

Its transparency and rich luster possess the characteristics of metal and fabric at the same time. The unique light pattern that is created when light passes through the material is one of stainless mesh’s unique qualities.

Depending on the model number, the mesh is also able to stick to magnets, and makes possible modeling and texture design using creases. It is thus expected to have great potential for applications other than screen printing and filters.

In MTRL, you can view byproducts produced during the manufacturing process, in addition to the fabric part.

Stainless mesh byproducts

  • Stainless fur: created by cutting both edges of the cloth, which are known as “ears.”
  • Poodle fur: created by cutting both edges of the warp. Cut when taut on the loom, this curls when removed, forming a unique curly shape.

Notes on use

* Edges are extremely sharp. Handle carefully.
* Will tear when touched or pierced by a sharp object.
* Marks on the material cannot be removed.
* If folded or wrinkled repeatedly, may break due to metal fatigue.

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