Carbon textile that realizes "patterned weaving" and "mixed weaving of different materials", which is difficult to achieve with conventional carbon fiber.

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KYOTO(Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)

Carbon fiber has an excellent combination of properties, including light weight, strength and corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for everyday applications NISHIJIN CARBON is widely used from the aerospace industry. NISHIJIN CARBON” is a product that uses the technology of Nishijin textile that has been developed in Kyoto We have achieved “patterned weaving” and “mixed weaving of different materials”, which are difficult to achieve with conventional carbon fibers, by using the rare Textiles.

Carbon fiber is highly difficult to manufacture on a weaving machine due to its weakness to friction, and it is mostly woven using simple methods, but thanks to the high level of technology of our historical weaving mills, it is now possible to reproduce complex patterns and combine it with different materials such as glass fiber.

NISHIJIN CARBON is attracting attention not only for fashion and interior design, but also for industrial applications as a cutting-edge material with both function and design produced by the finely honed techniques of traditional craftsmanship.

* NISHIJIN CARBON is a registered trademark of FUKUOKA KIGYO Co.

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