Ink for taking notes made with natural ingredients as its main component that makes use of original techniques

Sample Display

TOKYO(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

KYOTO(Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)

This dyed ink uses original techniques developed at the Kyoto Plant Dye Research Institute to color it while remaining as a liquid instead of using metal color fixers.
By adjusting it with a weak alkali content, it won’t damage the tips of pens such as fountain pens.
Even among natural ingredients, this ink is made with things that have a particularly nice shade, and distinctively, the pressure applied when writing something will affect the color’s shade and its appearance.
In addition to fountain pens, it can also be used with writing brushes, dip pens, and more.
At a time when many chemically mixed dyes are distributed around the world, this is a rare product as a natural dye that can be used as an individual item.

01 Indigo (Ai)

02 Leaf green (Yo-ryoku)

03 Gardenia (Kuchinashi)

04 Lichen (Chii)

*Because the main component of the ingredients is derived naturally, the shade will change based on how long it is stored and its circumstances. After use, tightly close the cap, and store it in a place away from direct sunlight, and that is not exposed to high temperature or humidity.


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