A colorful polyethylene resin foam material made by thermo-compressing the material used to manufacture kick boards mixed with original color.

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Color polymock is a colorful foam material made from polyethylene resin. The material used to manufacture kick boards is mixed with an original color palette and is thermo-compressed. All the patterns are unique. Comes in 12 color variations.

Color polymock is lightweight, cushioned, and has excellent processability. It can be used freely for a range of applications including packaging material, sports equipment, and daily goods.


  • Vivid color and beautiful color combinations
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned
  • Floats on water; does not absorb water
  • Insulation properties; superior thermal properties
  • Superior resistance to chemicals, particularly to acids and alkali
  • Superior processability, in terms of its ability to be cut, extracted, planed, bonded

Manufacturing process

Crushed chips of colored chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam (same quality as our SUNPELCA product) are mixed in three or four colors, agitated with hot air, then molded in a tank.

Direction and product design: TORAFU ARCHITECTS
Manufacturing and sales: SANWA KAKO CO.,LTD
Photo: © Masaki Ogawa
Produce: Material ConneXion Tokyo

Color variations 12 colors total:
Moonlight/goldfish/spring/summer/parrot/earth/leaf/lavender/black & white rose/ocean/egg

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