The only Design Trend Book in the world originating in Asia

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TOKYO(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

KYOTO(Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)

“ASIA COLOR TREND BOOK”, published by DIC Color Design, Inc., is the only design trend book in the world with its origin in Asia.
In the context of the increasing importance of Asian markets for the global economy, Asian culture and trends attract much attention from throughout the world.

International exhibitions like motor shows and furniture fares are successively advancing into Asia, and global brands start creating product strategies that are based on the values and consumer trends of Asian people. The overwhelming presence of China, trends born in India, Japanese art and craft traditions, the energy of Indonesia, overflowing liveliness of Thailand, proud culture of Vietnam, and uniqueness of the Philippines—creators in Asia combine global trends and the culture of their home countries to become the avant-garde in creativity.

The “ASIA COLOR TREND BOOK” was first published in 2008 and as “the world’s only trend book made in Asia” has this year reached its tenth volume. It continues to observe the trends in each of the countries in Asia and with its rich visuals, colors, and materials it has provided clues for product development in a variety of fields such as automobiles, consumer electronics, architecture, cosmetics, or foods. It is also being used in universities and art galleries as reference book to decipher the aesthetic sense of Asia. The prediction of trends with the help of the commentary in Japanese, Chinese, and English is endorsed by readers throughout the world.

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