Rare wood from millennium-old trees

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Yakusugi is a species of trees found in UNESCO World Heritage Site Yakushima that grows over 1,000 years old. Having adapted to its unique environment, yakusugi has special attributes such as a stronger smell and a more unique texture than ordinary cedar, as well as an enhanced rot resistance owing to its higher resin content. Furthermore, yakusugi is an extremely close-grained wood as a result of its exceedingly slow growth rate. Because of its antibacterial properties and exceptional durability, it has long been an important material in the construction of buildings and ships. Logging of yakusugi is now banned, and all yakusugi timber that had been logged in the past and left in the mountains (known as domaiboku) was taken off auctions in 2015. As such, yakusugi has become extremely rare in the market and only exists in limited quantities today.
* Because we believe that the remaining yakusugi should not discarded or hoarded, but continue to be used as something that people can touch with their hands, MTRL KYOTO has set up displays featuring scrap materials left over from the manufacture of yakusugi crafts and furniture.


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