Acrylic boards produced by creative minds in an original acrylic workshop

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KYOTO(Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto)

TOKYO(Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

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Developed by Miyuki Inc., Miyuki Acryl is an acrylic workshop that handles the production of items ranging from one-of-a-kind collection items to mass-produced novelty products. This was also the birthplace of the original textile Tokyo Acryl. Every year, over 50 different new materials based on the prevailing trends and themes are released. Individually crafted by hand, Tokyo Acryl will add color to your life and bring a smile to your face. The current lineup features more than 700 different styles, including clear, glitter, marble, acrylic boards with laces and cloth sealed within, vintage acrylic aged over time, etc.

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