OIST Café in Tokyo

2018/04/21(土) 14:00-17:00


沖縄県内の麻疹流行に伴い、感染拡大を防ぐためにOIST Caféの延期を決定しました。新しい日程は判明次第発表いたします。
As a precaution not to spread the measles outbreak currently happening in Okinawa, OIST Café has been postponed. New schedule will be announced in the near future.


Welcome to OIST Café

OIST Café is a casual science information session to introduce the OIST PhD program and Research Internship. What do cutting-edge research and education look like? What are the qualifications and criteria to get into graduate school? OIST members are coming to Tokyo to answer all your questions!

Participants: Anyone interested in PhD and Research Internship at OIST

Capacity: 30 people


OIST Café in Tokyo

日 時 2018/04/21(土) 14:00-17:00
場 所 FabCafe MTRL
参加費 無料 
定 員 30名
FabCafe MTRL
東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-22-7 道玄坂ピア2F