About Tools

・Can I use all of the materials at FabCafe MTRL for free?

Yes, you can use them for free, but please check the usage notes for each material before using them.

・Can I borrow the materials at MTRL?

You can only use them inside MTRL. Please be aware that we also do not lend out tools and equipment.

・What kind of equipment do you have available to use?

We have power outlets, wifii, an 80inch display, a large-format printer (seperate fee to use), white boards, and various tools.
*Digital fabrication tools (3D printers, laser cutters, UV printers, tape printer) can be used at FabCafe.

About Events

・I want to check to make sure I’m registered to join an event.

If the “JOIN” button on the event page has changed to “planning to attend”, then your registration is complete. There won’t be an email to confirm that your registration has been made, so please make sure that your user icon appears in the participant list.

・Is it possible to rent the space at FabCafe MTRL and how much does it cost?

Yes, it is possible and there are several price plans to suit your needs.
See the fees below and feel free to contact us.
email address:fabcafe.mtrl@loftwork.com
Space rental fee:
Entire floor for 1 hour 50,000 yen (10am – 10pm)
Half of the floor for 1 hour 20,000円(10am – 10pm)
Reservation for the whole day 240,000 yen

・I won’t be able to make it to the event I registered for/I would like to know how to cancel my registration for an event.

It is not necessary to contact us by phone or email. Please click on the “Cancel” button that is displayed while you are logged in to the appropriate event page. faq-cancel
There won’t be an email to confirm that your registration has been cancelled, so please make sure that your user icon does not appear in the participant list.

About Service

・If I am a monthly member, do I have access to a luggage storage service?

We do not have a luggage storage service. If you have a large project or something in production, please speak with the FabCafe MTRL staff.

・If I have to step out, will my seat be kept for me? Also, do you have a luggage storage service?

We do not have a luggage storage service. If you need to leave your seat for more than one hour, please take your belongings with you. You can use that space again if you show the receipt you got at check-in to the FabCafe staff on the same day.

・Do you accept payment by credit card?

Yes. We accept payment by cash or credit card.

・Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes. Please pay at FabCafe, which is on the 1F of the same building as FabCafe MTRL.

About Member

・For monthly members is it possible to share the account with more than one person, such as in a group?

Registration allows only one person per account. We also have plans available for organizations and corporations, so please feel free to contact us for more information.

・I would like to become a monthly member, do I need an ID card or a hanko seal?

No documents are required, just a few simple questions and your registration is complete.

・I would like to become a monthly member, where do I sign up? Do I get a member’s card?

Same as drop-in users, monthly members can register and pay at FabCafe on the 1F of the same building. After a simple procedure, we will hand you your members card. Please present it when paying for FabCafe services.
※ The term of validity on your card is only applicable for the month when you registered. Please check it because the charge will be different depending on the day of the month when you registered..
(Example: If you register on April 10, the expiration date will NOT be May 10 → but April 30)


・Can I bring in drinks or food?

Yes you can.
*Please note that we do not have a refrigerator.

・Can the space be used for group meetings? Does everyone who participates have to pay?

If you are a FabCafe MTRL member and would like to have a meeting with a person who is not a member, please use FabCafe on the 1F. *If all seats at FabCafe are occupied, please speak with the staff.

・Do members get a discount when purchasing food and drinks at FabCafe?

Drop-in/monthly members at FabCafe MTRL get 40% off when purchasing food and drinks at FabCafe. Please show the receipt you received at check-in to FabCafe MTRL (for drop-In members) or your member’s card (for monthly members).