Material Meetup KYOTO vol.3 Theme: "Aesthetics, materials, form- The gaze and design of ‘Conduct’” [GUESTS: BIR GIT SEVERIN & GUILLAUME NEU-RINAUDO · Kiyomi Suzuki]

2019/03/24(SUN) 14:00〜16:30



What is Material Meetup KYOTO?

“Material Meetup KYOTO” is a meetup where manufacturers, craftsmen, creators and makers gather on the theme of “material”. This meetup is recommended for…

・ People who are searching for fresh potential and new gaps within the area of material development
・ People who manufacture raw materials themselves using unique processing technologies
・ People who research materials that support a sustainable society
・ People who work with materials as their starting point for design
・ People who are searching for diverse materials to do complex design that deals with function and feeling

At the Material Meetup KYOTO, people have the opportunity to openly communicate across industry boundaries, from the perspectives of “design and technology” to “society and materials”. From these interactions, we can create new projects from the MTRL KYOTO stage.

Come and discover in person the unique characteristics and charm of materials which cannot be properly appreciated by browsing a material catalogue alone. Let’s consider together new scenes in which materials can be utilized. A place where cross-sector collaboration and project seeds are planted simultaneously, a place with material at the core. This is Material Meetup KYOTO.

▼ December 18th, 2018 Material Meetup KYOTO Vol.01 Movie

Material Meetup is held regularly with different themes in MTRL Tokyo and MTRL Kyoto.

vol.01 theme: “Responding materials”
vol.02 theme: “Materials that stimulate sensibility”

vol.01 theme: “Materials and social needs in the SDGs era”
vol.02 theme: “Discover the necessity of the “form” of material/design research”

(▲ *sorry japanese only…)

vol.03 theme : “Aesthetics, materials, form- The gaze and design of ‘Conduct’”

Dream up shapes, gaze into the work and life of people.
In the Material Meetup Kyoto vol.03, we will meet two creators involved in such dreamy design. With them, we will think about the aesthetics that connect the processes involved in going from material to product.

Recommended for…
・ Designers and artists who are seeking products that cannot be produced without their particular materials and technology
・ People who are interested in how creators find charm in materials
・ People who are involved in the manufacturing and processing of materials

■ A warm welcome to material producers and material dealers who want to bring in their own presentation!!
Dealers and producers are invited to display their materials at the venue and introduce them to meetup attendees. We will set up a 3-minute presentation section during the meetup for just this purpose. For interested parties, please send an e-mail to kyoto.mtrl@loftwork.com.

At MTRL meetups, we welcome people who consider things such as, “I want the creators involved in products and architecture to know the materials” and, “These are interesting technologies, but how do we move forward in their development?”. Creators and makers of diverse industries come together through shared encounters with materials and technologies, bringing about new and innovative project opportunities.

Timetable (subject to change)

[Part 1: Work Exhibition 13:00-14:00]
・ Opening, reception
・ Exhibition viewing

[Part 2: Talk Session 14:00-15:30]
・ Welcome / MTRL & project intentions & theme explanation (10 minutes)
・ Guest creator presentation 1: BIRGT SEVERIN & GUILLAUME NEU-RINAUDO (20 minutes)
・ Guest creator presentation 2: Kiyomi Suzuki (Né Un Design Studio Architect) (20 minutes)
・ Break (10 minutes)
Cross talk: “Aesthetics, materials, form- The gaze and design of ‘Conduct’” (30 minutes)

[Part 3: Networking 15:30-16:30]
・ Material producers and dealers bring in and display their materials. (*Application required in advance. 1 set is approximately 3 minutes)
・ Social mixer (45 minutes)




Photo by Janine Gebran

(▲左:『Vanitas』 [rubber vases] / 右:『Ashes』 [rubber vases] )

(▲ 『Design Impressionism』 [research picture] )

(▲ 左:『Alteration』 [counterweight lamp] / 右:『Heimat』 [ceramic lamps])

(all photos : ©︎studio b severin)

Kiyomi Suzuki (Né Un Design Studio Architect)


Born in 1981, Kiyomi Suzuki studied architectural design at Tama Art University, and moved to France in 2005 to work for Ateliers Jean Nouvel, as she was fascinated by his ideas concerning light and architecture.
After working on collective housing and hotel projects in Barcelona, New York and other cities as a member of the Ateliers’ lighting team, she moved to the design team to work on design competition proposals, such as the high-rise office building project in Paris and the National Museum in Qatar. During her four years in the Ateliers, Suzuki focused on creating playful relationships between material and light in both large-scale architectural projects and interior designs, such as her space designs for the Milan Furniture Fair. She also took note of the effects of indirect lighting in a variety of buildings in her daily life in Europe.
These experiences in Paris led to her interest in pitch-black carbon fiber, a new material. In 2009, she joined Ishimaru, the company that produced and manufactured many products designed by the late Shiro Kuramata. The company has been engaged in developing new materials such as acrylic. Thus, her interest in carbon fiber and the passion of Takao Ishimaru, the president of Ishimaru, for the material were linked.
A project to design a new product with the new material began immediately. Suzuki often visited the factory to interact with artisans, and was impressed by their devotion to craftsmanship and meticulous ways of processing the material. After working on a number of life-size drawings, models and mock-ups, in 2009, her Cherche Midi chair, made solely of carbon fiber, was born. Weighing only 960g, the chair has a light, strong yet flexible body, with a silvery surface that looks like it’s been dipped in pitch blackness. This was one of the fruits of her adventures studying light and materials in Paris and Tokyo.
She went on to create many products over the following eight years, including a table, the reception counter and benches at the entrance of the Shiseido Ginza Building, with a design that combines new materials with technologies in innovative ways. She also created a sofa in which she achieves beauty by connecting different materials.
In 2017, Suzuki decided to turn to wood, the traditional material of Japan, her home country, to rediscover her roots after years spent overseas. She moved to Kyoto, where a number of historical buildings have been preserved, and is now exploring new designs for the future.





Planning & Facilitation

Kosuke Kinoshita(Loftwork / MTRL KYOTO / FabCafe Kyoto)


After working at the cafe “neutron” (Kyoto) and the art gallery “neutron Tokyo” (Tokyo) as a Manager, Kosuke Kinoshita organized creator’s workshops and exhibitions and facilitated collaboration with companies, schools and local governments at “Ikejiri Institute of Design Setagaya Monodzukuri School”(Tokyo).Kosuke joined Loftwork, Inc. in 2015, and has been managing and creating services for the creative lounge MTRL (“Material”) Kyoto since it’s launch in the same year. In June 2017, FabCafe Kyoto opened on the first floor of MTRL Kyoto. Kosuke acts as an “intermediate” promoting interaction and accidental creativity.

Kelsie Stewart(FabCafe Barista / FabCafe Global Communication Coordinator)


As a University student, Kelsie studied the physiological psychology of smell and taste at the University of Florida. Following this, Kelsie entered the Religion Masters Program at the University of Florida where her studies focused on the overlap of religion and society in contemporary Japan. While teaching University courses, Kelsie worked as a barista at the coffee shop, Volta Coffee, Tea and Chocolate, where she found her passion for specialty coffee and espresso training. In January, 2014, she competed in the Big Eastern Regional Barista Championship.

From 2013-2016, Kelsie worked as an English teacher through the MEXT teacher exchange program, the JET Program, in the Fukuoka Prefecture countryside. From September 2017, Kelsie began her work as a Barista at FabCafe Tokyo and the International Communications Coordinator for Loftwork, where she helps facilitate global communications for a variety of projects. Current interests include specialty coffee, outdoor activities, and cycling.


Material Meetup KYOTO vol.3 Theme: "Aesthetics, materials, form- The gaze and design of ‘Conduct’” [GUESTS: BIR GIT SEVERIN & GUILLAUME NEU-RINAUDO · Kiyomi Suzuki]

Date and time 2019/03/24(SUN) 14:00〜16:30
(Open & Exhibition 13:00)
Entrance fee 1,000 JPY (1 drink included in the price)
Attendance capacity 40 people
Motoshiogamacho554, Kyoto Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto,
600-8119, Japan