NOTES: composing resonance Sharing Session A Collaboration among Seven Artists, Exploring Unknown Forms of Music

2018/01/26(FRI) 16:00〜18:00


NOTES : composing resonance is a project launched with the hopes that individually created musical notes will come together, expand, and encompass everyone. Young and active artists get together, acquaint themselves to consider how they can collaborate and together form their own forms of expression. Through this encounter, the project aims to enable musicians to re-examine their worldviews and create ties with people and cultures that were unknown to them. And ultimately, we hope the project will allow many people around the world to share these members’ unique sound creations and their new worldviews.


Mizuki Aita (Percussionist)


Born in Sendai, Miyagi in 1988.Mizuki Aita is a percussionist and vibraphonist who, through various collaborations with musicians and composers, has developed a soloist repertoire of over one hundred. Aita has released three albums to date, and has recently expanded her interests to essay-writing and poetry that are based on her performances to explore the relationship between words and music.

Nobuhiro Kaneko (Koto player)


Nobuhiro Kaneko began learning the Ikuta School koto at the age of nine. He passed the NHK Japanese Traditional Music Audition in 2011 and, later in 2015, won the Fukuoka Governor Award (Silver Award) at the 22nd Kenjun National Koto Competition. Kaneko graduated from Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music specializing in Japanese music. Devoting himself to the study of the classics, he also participates in performances that include Western instruments and explores other genres of music to broaden the possibilities of koto’s artistic expression.

Sei Kigawa (Stage director, choreographer, dancer, video artist)


Born in 1990, Sei Kigawa is the head of DE PAY’S MAN, a dance production team, and active in a variety of fields. He works with the street dance group DAP TOKYO and is also a part-time lecturer at Tama Art University’s Department of Scenography Design, Drama, and Dance. He has choreographed commercials for the Tarami Cooperation’s fruit jelly and Sony Assurance Inc, and also performances for Tokyo Health Club, Afro Parker, and Nogizaka46.

Yasuno Miyauchi (Composer)


A graduate of Tokyo Gakugei University (musical composition) and the Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS] (media representation), Yasuno Miyauchi leads the musical performance group Tsumugine. She also seeks new forms of expression based on traditional music, using traditional instruments and Shomyo (Japanese Buddhist chant). She has been awarded multiple prizes, including the 6th JFC Composition Award in 2011. She spent six months in New York City as the 2015 Asian Cultural Council’s grantee.

Gardika Gigih Pradipta(Composer, Pianist, Improviser)

(Photo by Timoteus Anggawan Kusno)

Gardika Gigih Pradipta, known as Gigih, is a composer and pianist living in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. His “Impresi 6 Peristiwa” was the piece he composed for his graduation from Institut Seni Indonesia (Indonesian Institute of the Arts Jogjakarta) in 2011. In 2012, Gigih received the Yayasan Kelola (Kelola Foundation) Art Grant (Innovative Art Category) for his composition of “Train Music.” Gigih not only writes music for concerts but also for film music in collaboration with Indonesian directors Wregas Bhanuteja, Bobby Prasetyo, and Yosep Anggi Noen.

Agustinus Welly Hendratmoko(Composer, Arranger, Gamelan Player)


Agustinus Welly Hendratmoko’s journey with music began in 2004 with a fascination in traditional karawitan. Since, Hendratmoko’s interest has grown to encompass Javanese karawitan and musical composition, and is currently pursuing an M.Sn (Music Composition, Master of Arts) at the Institut Seni Indonesia Jogjakarta (Indonesian Institute of the Arts Jogjakarta). He was one of the grantees for the 2008 ISI Jogjakarta Art Scholarship to perfom in Portugal and winner of the Folksong Competition in Jogjakarta in 2014.

Arief Winanda(Composer, Percussionist, Dramaturg)


Arief Winanda is an emerging young artist from Indonesia with training and experience in a wide range of music from the traditional to contemporary. Being raised in a family of dancers allowed Winanda to absorb a unique sense of dance, artistic movement, and also its philosophy as a source of his production-process. Winanda is currently developing his artistic skills as a resident at Institut Kesenian Jakarta (Jakarta Institute of Arts).


NOTES: composing resonance Sharing Session A Collaboration among Seven Artists, Exploring Unknown Forms of Music

Date and time 2018/01/26(FRI) 16:00〜18:00
Entrance fee Free (Drink Charge Only)
Attendance capacity 40 people
Plan The Japan Foundation Asia Center / MTRL KYOTO
Motoshiogamacho554, Kyoto Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto,
600-8119, Japan