At MTRL KYOTO it’s easy to focus on whatever you want to do. Write a manuscript, catch up on emails, get a change of environment and churn out new ideas, have a brainstorming session with your team, or build a new prototype by hand. We think there’s huge potential in opening the floor to creators in all fields. Unlike a regular office or a coffee shop, this is new type of space geared toward creative activities.

MTRL is a place where creators from all different industries, nationalities, skill levels, and backgrounds can come to intermingle and create something completely new. We hope that by challenging the notion of what a coworking space can be, it will lead to new and interesting collaborations and experiences.

With the popularization of digital fabrication technology it’s now become easier than ever to transform ideas into physical objects. MTRL KYOTO has the tools and materials creators need to go from sketch to prototype. Creating a space where anyone can come and experiment with a variety of tools and materials in a relaxed environment is part of our vision for MTRL KYOTO.

At MTRL we’ve collected a broad and continuously expanding catalogue of materials, from traditional Japanese woods, metals, fabrics, and papers to the latest sensors, modules and other new technology. The most exciting part for us, though, is seeing how those materials change and become objects in the hands of creators and designers.

MTRL KYOTO New Identityby hiromi maeo enhanced Inc.

We envisioned the word “material” as having four distinct elements, physical, human, corporate, and general. These four elements are expressed in the minimal symbol that represents MTRL.