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Loftwork opens MTRL Hong Kong on December 8 and launches online platform MTRL.com

Loftwork opens Loftwork Hong Kong to expand the creative solutions offering in Asia.


November 10, 2017 (Tokyo, Japan)—Loftwork Inc. is thrilled to announce that it is expanding its presence in Asia with the opening on December 8 of MTRL Hong Kong, a drop-in space dedicated to promoting creativity through the use of various materials. In conjunction with the launch, Loftwork will roll out MTRL.com, an online material service platform that brings together creators and manufacturers.

Loftwork initially launched MTRL when it first opened the doors of its creative lounges MTRL KYOTO and FabCafe MTRL in December 2015. Since then, over 40 different types of materials have been used, approximately 700 events have been held and around 30 collaboration projects have been rolled out at these facilities, allowing creators to truly explore the boundaries of fabrication through new materials and technology available in Loftwork’s collaborative spaces.

In conjunction with the launch of MTRL Hong Kong, Loftwork Hong Kong was also established. Following Tokyo, Kyoto and Taipei, the Hong Kong office will serve as a hub for Loftwork’s global activities including its FabCafes which are now located in 10 cities around the world. The new office will work closely with Loftwork in Japan to provide creative solutions that support open innovation and new business to the world.

MTRL Hong Kong


Hong Kong is said to be one of the world’s three largest financial centres alongside London and New York, with many multinational companies setting up headquarters there to serve as hubs in Asia due to the moderate regulations imposed on corporations including taxation. It is also closely located to Shenzhen, which has rapidly grown into a factory for the world.

MTRL Hong Kong is located in a unique, long and narrow terrace house renovated to showcases its original charms like its vaulted ceiling. It sits on the edge of a massive cliff face just on the rim of Hong Kong’s hustling and bustling centre.

To cater to Hong Kong’s often hot and muggy climate with humidity sometimes reaching 100%, MTRL Hong Kong features an open-floor plan with minimal walls and partitions as well as large windows that can be opened to let the air flow through. The second-floor space also features large open windows, from which the local cliffs and scenery can be admired. Moreover, unique texture and materials are scattered through the space, such as hand-polished stones widely used in Hong Kong, broadleaf trees from Japan’s Hida City, as well as soft walls and fabrics boasting unique and traditional local textures and weaves.


MTRL Hong Kong
  • Address: G/F, 10 New Street, Sheng Wan Hong Kong(MAP
  • Hours: 10:00-19:00 (Closed on Sunday)
  • Capacity: 38 seats
  • Pricing: 150HKD for 3 hours (incl. 1 drink), 300HKD for a full day (incl. 2 drinks),
    400HKD for 1 day plus plan (incl. 2 drinks and 45 minutes using the laser cutter)
  • Website:https://mtrl.com/hk/
  • Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/mtrlhk
MTRL Hong Kong Opening Reception

From 18:00 on December 8, 2017
Come celebrate with us on the official opening of MTRL Hong Kong on 8th of December for an evening of creativity and technology inspired digital performance, delectable F&B, and much, much more. Join us in our New Street location from 18:00 to 21:30 to meet the Loftwork team, tour around MTRL Hong Kong, and check out some of the innovative projects we have done in Japan and around the world.

Anyone interested in MTRL Hong Kong is welcome to attend the Opening Reception. Simple send us an email to pr@loftwork.com and let us know your name, how many people you will be attending with, their names, your contact email address, and why you wish to attend the reception.


About Material Service (MTRL.com)


Material Service (MTRL.com) is an open platform that brings new value to materials by showcasing how materials change and become objects in the hands of creators and designers. We collect unique materials (materials and tools), exhibit them at our three MTRL hubs in Tokyo, Kyoto and Hong Kong, and on the website and through events we showcase the allures and characteristics of each materials and how they are transformed. The site also functions as a platform enabling creators to directly communicate and negotiate with the material owners.

Material Service (MTRL.com) Overview

Service launch: Early December 2017
N.B. With the new service launch, the current domain mtrl.com will be changed to mtrl.com.

For Material Owners

(companies and organizations that own the materials)
Fee: Initial fee of 50,000 yen and ongoing monthly fee of 50,000 yen
Services offered: Space at MTRL to display and offer their material(s) at all 3 MTRL spaces and possibly at 10 FabCafe locations around the world (need to consult for each material on this) / materials showcased on website / messaging function / PR at events.

For Creators

Fee: Free of charge (Registration required)
Services offered: Showcase works and creator’s profile, messaging function

Examples of some of the prototypes developed to date include wood liqueur beverages made from Kitayama cedar logs, tea room interior featuring conductive ink, hydroponic cultivation electric appliances using Nishijin weave, etc.
Together with creators around the world, MTRL.com bestows new value to materials and provides opportunities for new business to come to life through prototypes made using these materials. For details about MTRL.com services, please visit the MTRL website here.

MTRL Opening Campaign

To celebrate the launch of Material Service (MTRL.com) and MTRL Hong Kong, we have put together a special offer to waive the initial cost (50,000 yen) as well as the monthly exhibit fee for 3 months (total of 150,000 yen) for material owners (Up to 10 companies).
Also, material owners who inquire by the end of November will be able to exhibit their materials in Hong Kong from the opening of MTRL Hong Kong, and have the opportunity to make a presentation about their products at the MTRL Hong Kong Opening Reception.


About Loftwork

Loftwork is a creative agency that designs online contents, communication and spaces through open collaborations. Loftwork also operates the digital fabrication cafes, called FabCafes, that are located around the world, the creative lounge MTRL (Material) that provides access to an array of unique raw materials, and the platform OpenCU, which accelerates creative learning. Through collaborations with the creator community around the world, Loftwork offers a wide range of creative services.

※Loftwork Hong Kong Company Profile

English name: Loftwork Hong Kong
Chinese name: LOFTWORK(香港)有限公司
Address: G/F, 10 New Street, Sheng Wan Hong Kong
Board members: Mitsuhiro Suwa(CEO), Chiaki Hayashi, Tim Wong、Eda Chow、Harvey Chung
Activities: Creative solutions business and operation of MTRL Hong Kong
Establishment: April 18, 2017