Gojo Palace, Kyoto’s Short Film Screening Night Vol. 1 Report



Last week on Friday the 16th, the first ever Gojo Palace short film screening night was held at MTRL KYOTO with an international crowd of local Kyoto creators and short film fans in attendance. Four films were screened, some of which have also screened at film festivals abroad, others which made their debut here at Gojo Palace. Moderated Q&A sessions were also held with the film makers where they talked about the ideas and planning that went into the production of their films as well as some of the bumps along the road. After things wrapped up, most of the attendees stuck around to meet the film makers, converse, and share their impressions on the night’s films.

Some of the short films were in English, others were in Japanese, and while they all included subtitles, the event itself was held entirely in English.






I’d like to give a big thanks to the talented and thoughtful film makers who allowed us to screen the films they worked so hard to make. Below I’ll post some additional information about the filmmakers as well as embed the films themselves.



Alan Algee is an American filmmaker living in Kyoto.

Watch Alan Algee’s KYOTO – Part One (this is a two part film, part two can be seen on Alan’s Vimeo page)

This is Alan Algee’s Vimeo page.

This is an interview with Alan Algee discussing the film.

This is the website of Masumi Saito, the dancer who appears in the film.

This is the website of Hiroshi Ueta, the calligrapher who’s work is featured in the film.



Tsuyoshi Ishihara is a director of photography based in Kyoto.

Watch [1/2って?」or “What Means to be Half”, directed by Colombian filmmaker Nicolás Guarín and photographed by Tsuyoshi Ishihara.

This is Tsuyoshi Ishihara’s vimeo page.

This is the Vimeo page of the director of [1/2って?」, Nicolás Guarín.



Alessandro de Bellegarde is an American filmmaker based in Kyoto. He is also one of the co-founders of Kyoto VR, a VR content creation startup that is gaining much attention in recent months.

You can see Alessandro’s film “Tsuzuku” here.

This is Alessandro’s youtube page. 

And this is the website of Kyoto VR.

We’re currently looking for short films short animations to screen at the next Gojo Palace, so if you have something you’d like to show or know someone else who would, we hope you’ll get in touch!