7月よりFABツールの利用がさらに便利でリーズナブルに / New fab tool usage pricing starting July 1st!

Since we opened in December last year, we’ve received a great deal of very valuable feedback from you guys about our space and have considered all of your opinions very carefully. So, after much deliberation, we’ve decided to revise our fabrication tool usage prices to make them simpler, clearer, and more affordable.

Starting July 1st, 2016, MTRL KYOTO will be implementing a new system for fabrication tool use which we will detail in this post one tool at a time.


First of all, the core concept of the new system is that fab tool usage time will now only be calculated in terms of hours. So whether you use a tool for 10 minutes or 59 minutes, the price is the same, and this applies to all of our available tools. Timers will be used to measure usage time, and we will always ask you if you’d like an extension so that you don’t get charged for accidentally going over time.

Laser Cutter


1 hour = 2000 yen 1時間/2,000円

additional hours = 1000 yen 以降1時間ごと 1,000円

Before now we were charging 1000 yen for 10 minutes and time was calculated in terms of how long the laser cutter was actually cutting or engraving. From July 1st on, the price to use the laser cutter will be calculated by hour only and will stay the same regardless of whether the laser cutter is actually in use or not. This includes time spent preparing data and materials to be cut.
従来の¥1,000 / 10分間(レーザーが稼働している実時間)が、新プランから¥2,000 / 1時間(レーザーの稼働有無を問わず、※占有時間)となり、よりお得に、使いやすくなります。延長については、以降1時間ごとに ¥1,000で承ります。

3D Printer


1 hour = 500 yen 1時間/500円

additional hours = 500 yen 以降1時間ごと 500円

maximum charge = 3000 yen 1回のプリントで最大 3,000円

Like all of our fab tools, the 3D printers will also be available only on an hourly basis. If for example your print takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete, the price would be 1000 yen. The maximum we will charge for a print is 3000 yen. This probably won’t be an issue for most people, but if you think your print might take over ten hours we ask that you get in touch with us beforehand to discuss.
【1時間¥500+延長1時間¥500=¥1,000】 となります。

CNC Milling Machine CNCフライス


1 hour = 2000 yen 1時間/2,000円

additional hours = 1000 yen 以降一時間ごと 1,000円

Of the various tools we have available here, the CNC machine is the most difficult machine to learn how to use. Set up can be time consuming and, unless you have experience with CNC machines, requires support from our staff. If you’d like to learn how to create CNC tool paths and carve objects on the CNC machine, we ask that you please go through our user guide and also make use of the free learning resources available on line and obtain a basic understanding of 3D modeling and CNC tool path generation. As for how to set up and use the machine itself, we’re more than happy to help you get started.
MTRL KYOTOの工作ツールの中で、もっとも難易度が高いのがCNCフライスです。CNCフライスをご利用の際は、必ずあらかじめ「CNCフライスご利用ガイド」をご確認の上、チュートリアルを閲覧してご利用ください。

Sewing Machine ミシン


1 hour = 500 yen 1時間/500円

additional hours = 500 yen 以降一時間ごと 500円

Sewing is cool. You can make a wallet, a bag, a glasses case; sewing is one of the most under-appreciated DIY tools! Our sewing machine is super easy to use and has a whole bunch of pre-programmed stitching patterns. Especially effective when used in tandem with the laser cutter, cut out templates in leather and stitch them up on the sewing machine.


So, those are our new prices for fabrication tools. We hope that this simpler and more reasonable system encourages more of you guys to start making awesome stuff here at MTRL KYOTO! To make a reservation click here.

あなただけのとっておきのものづくりに、新しくなったMTRL KYOTOのFABツール利用プランをぜひご利用ください。