Report: MTRL KYOTO cooperation with contemporary artist Alexandre Maubert

Hi this is Connor Kirk, one of the directors of MTRL KYOTO.

Alexandre Maubert is a French contemporary artist based in Kyoto, where he has been making his work and holding exhibitions for the past four years. Recently I got a chance to meet him and work together on several of the pieces that went into his latest solo exhibition STANDARD SUPPLY.


The exhibition is on show right now at Mori Yu Gallery in Kyoto until May 29th. The pieces in the exhibition included quite a few laser cut photographs, laser engraved images and logos, in addition to some prints, mixed media objects, and a short film. The series of pieces in the exhibition are centered around Maubert’s perception of modern day pop culture in Japan, particularly in regard to pop idols. These pictures are from the screening of Alexandre’s short film about a European pop star named Mama Boya who comes to Japan to further build her fame. Yes, that’s Alexandre himself playing the role of Mama Boya.



In support of this exhibition and Alexandre’s work, I provided technical support for the creation of the many laser engraved and cut pieces featured in the show. For this series Alexandre used materials bought almost exclusively at ¥100 stores while combining the “dumbest” quotes and one-liners he could find on Instagram.




Actually I studied fine art back in the states, specifically printmaking, so it was a treat to have an opportunity to apply what I do at work to what I’m really more specialized in. Alexandre was a pleasure to work with and I’m sure we’ll be collaborating again in the near future.

When? April 22nd to May 29th
Where? Mori Yu Gallery

Alexandre Maubert

We’ve got more artist and designer collaborations coming in the very near future!